Alright guys, this will be my last giveaway for a while! I appreciate every single one of you for your kindness and awesome vibes!

After taking a small “poll” I’ve decided to do 3 winners for this giveaway!

1st prize: (1) $50 MAC gift card
Not pictured: I will also include a few personal favorite beauty items I love (all will be brand new).

2nd prize: (1) $25 SEPHORA gift card
Not pictured: I will also include a few personal favorite beauty items I love (all will be brand new).

3rd prize: (1) pair of pasties
(2) PPG Comic Books
(1) Copy of Mean Girls
(1) Copy of ARTPOP
(1) pair of Sephora lashes
(2) patches
(1) deck of Sailor Moon cards
(2) Simpsons socks
(1) Lisa Frank Sticker Book
Not pictured: (1) tub of pony beads for all your raving adventures!

(All the items for 3rd prize are brand new.)


- This giveaway is for my followers, so yes, you must be following me. Please do not participate in this giveaway if you don’t like my blog and only want to try to get free stuff.

- I will ship ANYWHERE. No, you will not be paying for shipment! Don’t worry about any of that!!!

- You can re-blog/like this post and it will count as an entry! I will be doing this drawing by hand. No random online generator, all URLs will be hand-written.

- No side blogs/giveaway blogs! I’d like to give everyone an equal chance at winning something! Oh, and don’t spam your followers, guys! ^.^

- I am not being paid to do this giveaway. I sincerely appreciate every single one of you and I know this giveaway is not as crazy extravagant as my last one, but hopefully some of you will appreciate it!


Remember to be kind and send out positive vibes and love to everyone!

- A. Delacour


Reminder that we have about a month until I get to draw the winners!!! xx

It’s getting close.


Peter Murphy, frontman of the legendary post punk/goth band Bauhaus, modelling for Maxell`s iconic early `80s audio cassette UK ad campaign. The music that blows him away in the ad was not of Bauhaus but Modest Mussorgsky`s classical masterpiece "Night on Bald Mountain" (though the use of Bauhaus design elements, like the Le Corbusier LC-2 armchair and the specific flat, can definitely be perceived as hints for the “insiders”…).

Watch the ad, here.

(Source: fitzrobert)


If you’re looking for an awesome rainy day or ‘It’s way too hot to go outside today’ activity, why not have a go at Barbie doll mummification? It’s all kinds of morbid, geeky fun. Heather and her daughter Izzy started with a trip to the library and some research to create an adorably macabre step-by-step “How to Make a Mummy” list. Then the gathered and/or made all the necessary materials. Barbie’s internal organs and ceremonial death mask are paper cutouts. They used a seam ripper in place of the special tool that ancient Egyptians used to pull the brain out through the nose and a shoebox for the sarcophagus and burial chamber. They also included a tiny toy kitty, because they were sacred to the Egyptians and sometimes part of the burial process.

Visit the Kids Activities Blog for additional photos and a complete description of the Barbie mummification process.

[via io9 and Kids Activities Blog]


The latest addition to the Archie McPhee Library is a must-have for any Crazy Cat Lady. Entitled Fashion Cats [Buy on Amazon], it was compiled by Japanese photographer Takako Iwasa, “Japan’s #1 Cat Tailor,” who used his own adorable cats, Prin and Koutaro, as kitty supermodels to document fashion trends for fabulous felines.

"Prin and Koutaro are two cats who don’t get out of bed for less than the best catnip and 10,000 American dollars. They aren’t just cute, they are extraordinarily cute and know how to make Haute Cature look as good as it should. Here they don the latest Japanese Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter collections, featuring gorgeous, flowered paw bracelets, lace veils, tuxedo fronts, wool capes with matching caps, and much more.:

It’s 160 pages of nonstop kitty couture that’s guaranteed to brighten the gloomiest day.

[Images via Design Taxi and Design Faves]